Howling Owl 014 - Towns 'Sleepwalking' EP - 12" Vinyl+Download **SALE**

Image of Howling Owl 014 - Towns 'Sleepwalking' EP - 12" Vinyl+Download **SALE**

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"Large waves of guitars flood the stereo field, while tracks dip between laid back shoegaze anthems ('Mirror Ghost') and frantic mosh moments ('Dig Your Heels'). The backbone to their music though is melodic bass-lines that groove through the noisy territory"
4/5 EP of the month Artrocker Magazine

Our oldest and bestest brethren 'Towns' are releasing their debut EP. We've been working with this band for over a year now and it has been a beautiful thing to watch them grow as a band. Unlike the haircuts, the music has always stayed at a consistent level of brilliance, and they have stepped it up again with 'Sleepwalking'. Featuring 6 brand new songs, this is a definite statement of intention from the boys from Weston.

As good an EP/Mini Album that you are ever likely to hear, the six songs ebb and flow quite perfectly, and the tunes...well they are massive. Take a listen to the title track here

1.Stop Dreaming
2.Dig Your Heels
3.Mirror Ghost
5.You'll Never Know
6. See/Feel/Find

'Sleepwalking' is available on 12" vinyl, strictly limited to 250 copies.